1. Palm oil 3Healing Ointment 183 resin 1Healing Ointment 184 ; melt together, and when they begin to cool, add 1 Healing Ointment 185 of powdered calamine. - Clater.

2. Oxide of zinc 1/4 oz., lard 1 1/2 oz., balsam of Peru ldr.

Ointment For Scirrhous Tumours

Iodide of potassium 1 dr., lard 7 drs.; rub together till perfectly smooth.

Stimulating Mercurial Ointment

Mercurial ointment 1 oz., simple cerate 1 oz. A small quantity to be rubbed over the region of the liver once a day till the mouth is sore. - Blaine.

Embrocations For Palsy, Rheumatism, Etc

1. Oil of turpentine 2 oz., spirit of hartshorn 2 oz., tincture of opium 1/4 oz., olive oil 2 oz. - Blaine.

2. Cajeput oil 1 oz., soap liniment 2 oz.

3. Spirit of turpentine, spirit of hartshorn, camphorated spirit, of each 1 oz., laudanum 1/2 oz. - Clater.

Lotions For Strains And Bruises

1. Common salt and cold vinegar.

2. Sal ammonial 1/2 oz., vinegar a pint.

3. Oil of turpentine 1 oz., old beer 1/2 pint, brine 1/2 pint. For strains. - Mayer.

4. Spirit of Mindererus 4 oz., Goulard water 8 oz.

Astringent Lotion For Wounds, Sore Feet, Etc

- Bruised oak-bark 2 oz., catechu 1 oz., water 3 pints, boil to 1 pint, and strain. - Clater.

Powdered And Liquid Caustic For Warts

1. Equal parts of sal ammoniac and savine, powdered together.

2. Sublimate 1 dr., hydrochloric acid 1 dr., spirit of wine 3 drs., water 2 drs. The warts to be touched with the liquid twice a day. - Youatt.


1. Rub the skin with the powdered resin and bran.

2. Let the dog sleep on deal shavings.

3. Scotch snuff steeped in gin. - Meyer. (This requires caution.)

4. Oil of aniseed. - Finlay DUN.

5. Persian insect powder.


Astringent. Alum whey.

Purgative. The purgative medicine No. 8; with gruel.

For Worms. Solution of aloes 2 oz., linseed oil 1 oz. Mix.

Anodyne. Boiled starch 1/4 pint, laudanum 5 to 10 drops. - Clater.