See Blacking Paste, Furniture Paste, etc, further back. For flour pastes, see Cements. For almond paste, honey paste, and tooth pastes, see Cosmetics. Paste for Cleaning Brass, etc. 1. Rotten stone in very fine powder 2 oz., soft soap 1 oz., oil of amber 1 dr.

2. Neats'-foot oil 16 oz., water of ammonia 1 oz., powdered rotten stone sufficient to form a paste.

8, Rotten stone 4 1/2 lbs., oxalic acid (dissolved in the water) 2 oz., soft soap 8 oz., sweet oil 8 oz.; oil of amber 1 oz., boiling water 1 lb. Some substitute oil of turpentine for oil of amber.

Paste for Razors

1. Emery very finely levigated in the same manner as prepared chalk, mixed with lard or tallow; or a mixture of these with neats'-foot oil.

2. Equal parts of jewellers' rouge, black lead, and prepared suet.

3. Pradier's. Best putty powder 1 oz. jewellers' rouge

1 oz., scales of iron 1/2 oz., levigated Turkey stone 3 oz. beef suet 1 1/2 oz.

4. Mix equal parts of dried sulphate of iron and salt, and apply a gradually increased heat in a closed vessel. Pulverize, elutriate, and mix with lard or tallow.

Aromatic Pastilles

See Perfumery.

Payne's Process for rendering Wood Fireproof

The wood is introduced into a close vessel, which is exhausted of air; the liquid is then admitted, and forced in by the pump till the pressure is from 110 to 140 lbs. to the square inch. The liquids employed are the liquid sulphides of calcium, or of barium; a solution of sulphate of iron is afterwards forced into the wood.

Priming for Percussion Caps

100 grs. of fulminating mercury are triturated, with a wooden muller on marble, with 30 grs. of water and 60 grs. of gunpowder. This is sufficient for 400 caps, Dr. Ure recommends a solution of gum mastic in turpentine as a medium for attaching the fulminate to the cap.

Pharaoh's Serpents

The chemical toy sold under this name consists of the powder of sulphocyanide of mercury made up in a capsule of tin foil in a conical mass about an inch in height. Ignited at the apex, an ash is protruded, long and serpentine in shape. The fumes evolved are very poisonous.

non-poisonous Pharaoh's Serpents

Bichromate potass. 2 parts, nitrate potassa 1 part, and white sugar 3 parts; pulverize each of the ingredients separately, and then mix them thoroughly. Make small paper cones of the desired size, and press the mixture into them. They are now ready for use, but must be kept from light and moisture.

Phosphorescent Oil

Dissolve 1 gr, of phosphorus in 1 oz. of olive oil in a test tube by the beat of hot water, or add a larger quantity to some oil of lavender, in which it will dissolve spontaneously. Keep in a close phial.


See Pocket Formulary.

Phosphorus Matches

See Lucifers. The old phosphorus bottles with sulphur matches were made by melting phosphorus with a fourth part of wax in the bottles placed in warm water, and turning them about so as to coat the sides. - Gray.

Phosphorus Paste for Vermin

Introduce 1 dr. of phosphorus into a Florence flask, and pour over it 1 oz. of rectified spirit. Immerse the flask in hot water, until the phosphorus is melted, then put a well-fitting cork into the mouth of the flask, and shake briskly until cold. The phosphorus is now reduced to a finely divided state. This after pouring off the spirit, is to be mixed in a mortar with 1 1/2 oz. of lard. Five oz. of flour and 1 1/2 oz. of brown sugar, previously mixed together, are now added, and the whole made into a paste with a little water. Cheese may be substituted for sugar when the paste is intended for rats or mice. (There is said to be no danger whatever of spontaneous ignition, either during or after the preparation of this paste.) - Pharm Journ.