Pommade de Beaute. Melt together in an earthen vessel placed in hot water, white wax 1 1/2 drs., spermaceti 2 drs., oil of sweet almonds 1/2 oz., virgin olive oil 1/2 oz., oil of poppies 1/2 oz.; beat them with a few drops of balsam of Peru.

Cucumber Pomatum, for softening and cooling the skin. Clarified lard 4 lbs., veal suet 1 lb., juice of cucumbers 3 lbs.; melt the two former together, then beat them up assiduously with the juice. Next day, pour off the juice that has separated, and add the same quantity of fresh to the melted pomade. Repeat this six times, or until the pomade is sufficiently imbued with the odour of cucumbers. Then melt the pomade by a water-bath, and mix with it 3 drs. of powdered white starch; let it settle, and before it is too cold, pour it off into small pots, taking care not to disturb the dregs. See Unguentum Cucumis, Pocket Formulary.

Pommade d'Hebe. Incorporate together juice of lily-bulbs

2 oz., Narbonne honey 2 oz., white wax 1 oz., rose-water

3 drs.; melt the wax with a gentle heat, and add the other ingredients. To be applied at night, and not wiped off till morning. To remove wrinkles. Probably cod-liver oil, used externally and internally, would be a more successful though less agreeable remedy.

Pate Divine de Venus. Mix equal parts of washed lard, fresh butter, and white honey; add balsam of Mecca and otto of roses, to perfume.

Pommade de Ninon. Oil of sweet almonds 4 oz., washed lard 3 oz., juice of houseleek 3 oz.; mix. Softening and cooling.

Pommade en Creme. Melt together 1 dr. each of white wax and spermaceti, add oil of sweet almonds 2 oz.; pour it into a warm mortar, and gradually stir in 1/2 oz. of rose or other perfumed water, and 1 dr. of tincture of Tolu.

Lemon Cream. Melt together 2 drs. of spermaceti and 1 oz.

of oil of almonds; and as it cools, stir in 16 drops of essence of lemon. Cold Cream. 1. Oil of almonds 16 oz., white wax 4 oz., melt together in an earthen vessel, and when nearly cold, stir in, by little and little, 12 oz. of rose water. 2. Melt together white wax 2 oz., oil of almonds 8 oz., and stir in 4 oz. of rose-water. Next day add 6 drops of otto of roses.

3. White wax and spermaceti, of each 1/2 oz., oil of almonds 4 oz., orange-flower water 2 oz.; mix s. a.

4. As No. 3, hut without the orange-flower water.

5. Lard 16 oz., white wax 2 oz., olive oil 1 oz., magis-tery of bismuth 1 oz.

6. White wax 1 oz., almond or olive oil 1 oz., rose-water 1 oz., glycerin 2 drs.

N.B. Those cold creams are generally preferred for present use which contain rose or other water, hut they keep longer without them.

Granulated Cold Cream. Melt together 1 oz. each of white wax and spermaceti, with 3 oz. of almond oil; when a little cooled, pour the mixture into a large Wedgewood mortar previously warmed, and containing about a pint of warm water. Stir briskly until the cream is well divided, add sufficient otto of roses to scent it, and pour the whole suddenly into a clean vessel containing 8 or 10 pints of cold water. Throw the whole on muslin, and shake out as much water as possible. - Mr. Owen, Dublin.

Pommade Divine. Put 3 lbs. of beef marrow into an earthen vessel, and cover it with cold water, changing the water daily for a few days, and using rose-water the last day; press out the water and add to the marrow, styrax calamita, benzoin, Chio turpentine, each 4 oz.; orris powder 1 oz.; powdered cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, of each 1/2 oz. Place them in a well-tinned vessel in a water-bath, and keep the water boiling for three hours; then strain.

Almond Paste for the Skin. 1. Powdered bitter almonds 4 oz., white of egg 1 oz., beat them well together to a smooth paste, with equal parts of spirits of wine and rose-water.

2. Sweet and bitter almonds, blanched, of each 2 oz.; spermaceti 2 drs., oil of almonds 1/2 oz.; Windsor soap 1/2 oz.; rose-water 1 oz., or q. s.; otto of roses, and oil of bergamot, of each 12 drops.

3. (Camphorated.) To either of the above add 2 drs. of powdered camphor. A few drops of oil of bitter almonds may be substituted for the otto and bergamot.

4. (French.) Blanch 12 oz. of bitter almonds and beat them in a mortar with a small quantity of rose or other water to a smooth paste; then add 7 oz. of rice flour, 3 oz. of bean flour, 1 oz. of orris powder, and when perfectly mixed, 1/2 oz. of carbonate of potash dissolved in rose-water; again beat together, and add 3 oz of spirituous essence of jessamine, 2 drops of oil of rhodium, and 1 of neroli.

Almond and Honey Paste. Fine honey may be added to either of the preceding; or mix 16 oz. of clarified honey with 16 oz. of bitter almond powder; and add gradually, in alternate portions, 32 oz. of oil of almonds, and the yolks of 5 eggs.

Honey Paste. Pate au Miel. It is sometimes made as the last; or by mixing clarified honey with cold cream, or some similar compound.

Camphor Balls, for rubbing on the hands, after washing them, to prevent chaps, etc. 1. Melt 3 drs. of spermaceti, and 4 drs. of white wax, with 1 oz. of almond oil, and stir in 3 drs. of powdered camphor. Pour the compound into small gallipots, so as to form hemispherical cakes. They may be coloured with alkanet, etc.

2. Lard 3 oz., white wax 2 oz., camphor 1/2 oz.

3. Spermaceti 3 oz., white wax 1 oz., olive oil 4 oz.; melt together, and add 1 1/2 oz. of powdered camphor, and stir it well.

4. Melt 3 drs. of spermaceti, and 4 drs. of white wax, with 1 oz. of almond oil, and stir in 3 drs. of powdered camphor.

Camphor Ice. Melt 1 dr. of spermaceti with 1 oz. of almond oil, and add 1 dr. of powdered camphor.

Almond Powder. (Cosmetic.) This is prepared by grinding the marc or cake left after expressing the oil from sweet or bitter almonds. It is sometimes perfumed, and mixed with other ingredients. It is used for cleansing the skin, and is less irritating than soap.

Almond Wash Powder. 1. Almond powder (from expressed bitter almonds) 16 oz., rice flour 2 oz., powdered soap 1 oz., orris powder 1 oz., bergamot or other scent q. p.

2. Almond powder (as above) 16 oz., powdered benzoin 1/4 oz., oil of bitter almonds 10 drops. For cleaning the hands and removing any unpleasant smell. To render it more detergent, 4 oz. of fine sand, or powdered pumice-stone may be added.

3. Ground Mustard, mixed with a little water and rubbed over the hands, removes strong odours from them. Linseed meal answers the same purpose.

Rose Lip Salve. 1. Oil of almonds 3 oz., alkanet 1/2 oz.; digest with a gentle heat, and filter. Melt 1 1/2 oz. white wax and 1/2 oz. spermaceti with the filtered oil, stir it until it begins to thicken, and add from 12 to 36 drops of otto of roses.

2. White wax 1 oz., oil of sweet almonds 2 oz., alkanet

1 dr.; digest till coloured, strain, and add 6 drops of otto of roses. Peruvian Lip Salve. As either of the above, substituting

20 or 30 drops of Peruvian balsam for the otto; 8 drops of oil of lavender may be added. Grape Lip Salve. Pomade au raisin pour les levres.

Put into a glazed earthen pipkin 1/2 lb. of fresh butter,

1/4 lb. fine yellow wax, 1 oz. of alkanet, and 3 bunches of black grapes; boil together, and strain without pressure through linen. French Lip Salve. Lard 16 oz., white wax 2 oz.; nitre and alum in fine powder, of each 1/2 oz.; alkanet to colour. German Lip Salve. Butter of cacao 1/2 oz., oil of almonds

1/4 oz.; melt together with a gentle heat, and add 6 drops of essence of lemon. Gants Cosmetiques. These are white kid gloves, which have been turned inside out, and brushed over with a melted compound of wax, oil, lard, balsam, etc. The

Peruvian lip salve, without any alkanet, may answer the purpose. For oftening the hands.