1. Strong mercurial ointment 4 oz., cantharides in powder 1/2 oz., oil of rosemary 2 drs. - White.

2. Biniodide of mercury 1 part, lard or palm oil 7 parts; rub together in a mortar; the quantity of a nut to be rubbed on daily till a scurf is produced: for spavin and thoroughpin. - Spooner.

3. Blister ointment 2 oz., strong mercurial ointment 1 oz., soft soap 1/2 oz., oil of bays 3 drs., yellow wax 3 drs.; melt the wax by a gentle heat, add the other ingredients, mix by stirring, remove, and stir till cold. - Lebas.

4. Common turpentine 12 parts, corrosive sublimate 1 part; mix. - Giraed.

Ointment Of Nitrate Of Silver

Nitrate of silver 5 to 10 grs., lard 1 oz. - Morton.

Creasote Ointment

Creasote 1 part, lard 8 parts - V. C.

Mild Citrine Ointment

Ointment of nitrate of quicksilver 1 part, lard and oil, of each 2 parts. In tarsal ophthalmia.

Softening And Cooling Ointments, For Cracks, And Ulcers On The Heel, Etc

1. Spermaceti ointment 4 oz., olive oil 1 oz., sugar of lead 2 drs., oxide of zinc 1 oz. - White.

2. Extract of lead 1/2 dr.,lard 1 oz.; mix. - Clater.

3. Marshmallow ointment 4 oz., extract of lead 3 drs., elder ointment 1/2 oz., calamine 1 oz.

Ointment For Sit-Fasts, And All Hard Tumours

Strained ammoniacum 4 oz., mercurial ointment 8 oz., oil of turpentine 10 oz. - Hinds.

Ointments For Sore Backs And Saddle-Galls. (See Lotions, Vet. Formulary.)

1. Camphor 2 dr., oil of rosemary 1 dr., elder ointment or lard 3 oz.

2. Marshmallow ointment 4 oz., extract of lead 1 oz. - "White

Sulphuric Acid Ointment

1. Sulphuric acid 1 dr., lard 1 oz.; mix. 2 Sulphuric acid 1 fluid oz., lard 8 oz., oil of turpentine 1 oz.

Ointment For Spavins And Windgalls

(See Resolvent Ointments, above.)

Tar Ointment

Equal parts of tallow and tar, melted together.