Almond emulsion (made with rose-water) 8 oz., tincture of benzoin 3 drs.

Italian Cosmetic Wash. Melilot water 12 oz., tincture of benzoin 2 drs.

Augustin's. Rose water 8 oz., salt of tartar 2 drs., tincture of benzoin 3 drs.

Kittoe's Lotion foe Freckles. 1. Chloride of ammonium 1 dr., spring-water a pint, lavender-water 2 drs. Apply with a sponge 2 or 3 times a day.

2. Sulpho-carbolate of zinc 2 parts, glycerine 25 parts, rose water 25 parts, eau de Cologne 5 parts.

Lemon Cream for Sunburns, Freckles, etc. Sweet cream 1 oz., new milk 8 oz., juice of lemon, brandy, or eau de Cologne 1 oz., alum 1 oz., sugar 1 dr. Boil and skim. Buttermilk is used for the same purpose.

Lemon Embrocation for Freckles, etc. Borax 15 grs., lemon juice 1 oz., sugar candy 1/2 dr.; mix the powders with the juice, and let them stand in the bottle, shaking occasionally, till they are dissolved.