These are applied by moistening a little cotton wool or lint with the liquid, and introducing it into the cavity of the decayed and aching tooth. Where there is no cavity, they are sometimes applied to the gums surrounding the affected tooth. Most of them are stated by their several inventors or patrons, to give "immediate relief." The cavity should be dried with lint before applying the remedy.

1. M. Pieste's. Water of ammonia, with half the quantity of tincture of opium; applied as above.

2. Creasote 1 dr., spirit of camphor 2 drs., laudanum 1 dr. Creasote is also used alone: so is carvacrol, a liquid of similar properties. Laennec prescribes 1 part of creasote and 10 of alcohol. See also No. 14.

3. M. Cottereau's. Ether saturated in the cold with camphor, and then a few drops of ammonia added.

4. Mr. Blake's. Finely powdered alum 1 dr., spirit of nitric ether 7 drs.

5. Paraguay-roux, or Compound Tincture of Para Cress. Flowers of Para cress 4 parts, Italian elecampane (Inula bifrons) 1 part, pellitory root 1 part, rectified spirit 8 parts; macerate 14 days, and strain.

6. Mr. Blande's Tincture. Bruised pellitory 1/2 oz., camphor 3 drs,, opium 1 dr., oil of cloves 1/2 dr., rectified spirit 6 oz.; digest for ten days, and strain.

7. Pellitory, ginger, cloves, camphor, of each 1 oz., tincture of opium 4 oz., spirits of wine 16 oz.; macerate for 8 days, and strain.

8. Camphor 1 dr., ether 4 drs.; dissolve.

9. Camphor 2 drs., chloroform 1 dr., spirit of sal volatile 1/2 dr.

10. Opium 2 oz., mastic 1 oz., balsam of Tolu 1 dr., camphor 1 oz., oil of cloves 1 dr., rectified spirit 16 fluid oz., oil of bitter almonds 8 drops.

11. Creasote and chloroform, of each 2 drs., Sydenham's laudanum 4 drs., tinct. benzoin 1 oz.

12. Chloral and camphor, of each 1 dr., morphia 2 grs., oil of peppermint 2 drs.

13. Boerhaave's Odontalgic. Rectified spirit 1 oz., camphor 1/2 oz., opium 1 scruple, oil of cloves 80 drops.

14. Lemazurier's Odontalgic. Cherry-laurel water 2 oz., acetate of morphia 1 gr. Wash the mouth with warm water, to a glass of which a few drops of this mixture have been added.

15. Oil of rosemary 2 oz., tincture of galbanum 1 oz.; mix. Cotton wet with this, is to be introduced into the ear.

16. Rhigini's. Alcohol 4 drs., creasote 6 drs., tincture of cochineal 2 drs., oil of peppermint 3 drops.

17. Mr. Druitt's. Tannin 20 grs., mastic 5 grs., ether 2 drs. Wash the mouth with warm water containing a little carbonate of soda; lance the gums, and apply the tincture to the cavity of the tooth on cotton.

18. Mr. Tomes recommends a solution of mastic in chloroform. The mastic serves to retain the chloroform, but the latter may be used alone on cotton or lint. Mr. Beatson uses a solution of copal in chloroform.

19. Chloroform and white of egg, equal parts, digested for 4 hours, then applied on lint.

Henbane Fumigation foe Toothache. A popular remedy is to throw henbane seed on hot cinders, inverting a cup over them to receive the smoke and empyreumatic oil produced. The cup is then filled with hot water, and the steam conveyed to the affected side of the mouth. Dr Downing's Aneuralgicon would probably prove a more effective means of applying remedies of this kind. See GuttAe OdontalgicAe. - Pocket Formulary.