The roots, seeds, and other dry substances are to be reduced to powder; and it is of importance that the aromatic seeds, especially, should have been recently powdered. The drugs should be of good quality. It is hoped that the trash sold as horse-powders will not much longer be known in establishments which have any pretensions to respectability. After this general notice, it will be unnecessary to occupy space by repeating the words " powdered," " freshly powdered," " genuine," etc. Balls should not be too hard, but merely stiff enough to retain their form, and should be wrapped in soft paper.

[Mode of Administering Balls. - The horse should be backed into the stall, the tongue drawn gently out with the left hand on the off side of the mouth, and then fixed by pressing the fingers against the side of the lower jaw. The ball, being now taken between the tips of the fingers of the right hand, must he passed rapidly up the mouth, as near the palate as possible, until it reaches the root of the tongue; it must then be delivered with a slight jerk, so, that, the hand being immediately withdrawn, and the tongue liberated, the ball may be forced through the pharynx into the oesophagus. A slight tap under the chin may then be given, or a draught of water to assist in carrying it down.]

Balls And Ball Masses

COMMON MASS, as a basis for balls in general. Mix with the band equal weights of linseed meal and treacle, and add a little palm oil. - Cheery.