A considerable time having elapsed since the last publication of Dr. Lewis's very valuable work, it was thought ne-cessary, now that a new edition was demanded, to procure such additions and corrections, as later improvements in natural history and medicine had produced, and which the author himself, had he now been living, would undoubtedly have made. For this purpose it was put into the hands of the present editor, who has in the following manner endeavoured to fulfil the intention of the publishers.

To every vegetable article he has sub-joined the Linnaean name.

He has corrected all the references to the Edinburgh Pharmacopoeia, both in the catalogue of simples, and the officinal preparations, by the last edition of that work.

He has added several entirely new articles; among which are all the new medicines received into the present Edinburgh catalogue, and such others as have been recommended upon apparently sufficient grounds in various publications, domestic and foreign.*

From the same sources, and also from some marginal notes in Dr. Lewis's own copy of his work, he has derived many additional facts and observations relative to former articles. All the additional matter is distinguished by an asterisk prefixed.

* These are the new Articles.

Aer Fixus. Cardamine. Columbo. Filix Mas. Flammula fovis. Geoffraea jamaicensis. Lichen Islandicus. Lobelia Syphilitica. Oenanthe Crocata.

Peruvianus Cortex

Ruler. Cinchona Carribaea. Pulfatilla Nigricans. Quassia.

Radix Lopeziana. Rhododendron Chryfanthemum. Spigelia.

Stramonium. Viola Tricolor. Winteranus Cortex. Aconitum Napellus. Curfuta. Hippocastanum.

At the same time that the editor has so freely added to this work, he has not thought it allowable to omit any thing; though fome of the articles are now expunged from the catalogues of materia medica, and the state of medical theory has undergone considerable changes since the author wrote. It is still, in every refpect, Dr. Lewis's entire work.


October I, 1783.

John Aikin.