Androsace five Acetabulum Pharm. Paris. Acetabulum marinum minus Tourn. Androsaces matthioli, five fungus petraeus marinus, five umbilicus mannus F. B. Cotyledon marina: A sub-marine production? found on rocks and on the shells of fishes, about the coasts of Montpelier and elsewhere; consisting of numerous, slender, short, filaments, more or less bent or arched, of a whitish or grey colour, hard and brittle, bearing each upon the top a striated concave body nearly of the figure of an inverted cone.

Pomatum rub. Ph. Paris.

This substance reduced into powder, is used in France, as we are told by the faculty of Paris in the last edition of their codex medicamentarius, for destroying worms, and for dropsies. It does not however promise to be of any service in either of these intentions; or to differ materially from the coralline, which has also been used, as a vermifuge, with little success: like that marine body, it is apparently of a stony or tes-taceous nature, impregnated with a little saline matter, which', when fresh, it discovers to the taste. It is remarked of the dried androsace, that on being held in the flame of a candle, it yields a dazzling brightness, and this repeatedly for several times (a); a phenomenon which I have observed the coralline also to exhibit.