Bamia Moschata Pharm. Paris. Ab-el-mosch, i. e. granum moschi. Semen ketmiae aegyp-tiaca. Musk-seed: flat, kidney-shaped stri-ated seeds, about the size of a large pin's head, of a greyish or brownish colour on the outside, and white within: produced by a shrubby plant, of the mallow kind, alcea aegyptiaca villosa C. B. Hibiscus Abelmoscbus Linn. a native of Egypt, and of the East and West Indies.

These seeds have a fragrant smell, approaching to that of musk, and a flight aromatic bittensh taste. They are used in perfumes, and seem to have a claim, as medicines, to the cordial and nervine virtues experienced from most of the other substances of that class. They are ranked in France among the officinals, but are rarely to be met with among us.