Becabunga Pharm. Lond. Anagallis aquatica minor folio subrotundo C. B. Veronica aquatica folio subrotundo Morison. hist. Veronica Becabunga Linn. Brooklime or water pimpernel: a low creeping plant; with round thick smooth reddish stalks, naked and procumbent at bottom, erect at top, and clothed with roundish firm juicy leaves, of a dark shining green colour, (lightly indented about the edges, set in pairs at the joints: from the bosoms of the leaves arise naked footstalks, bearing spikes of blue flowers which are deeply cut into four segments and followed by flattish seed-vessels. It is common in rivulets and ditches, and flowers in June: the leaves remain all the winter, but are in greatest perfection in the spring.

This herb is ranked among the antiscorbutics, and supposed to possess, in some degree, the virtues of the cochlearia and nasturtium. It is chiefly employed in conjunction with these and the other acrid antiscorbutic herbs, to which it appears to be an useful addition, though not entirely similar to them in quality. It has nothing of the subtile volatile smell of the plants of the scurvygrass kind, and discovers hardly any pungency to the taste; what taste it has being rather subsaline and bitterish than acrid.