Chenopodium Pharm. Paris. Tota bona Dod. Lapathum unctuosum folio triangulo C, B. Chenopodium Bonus Henricus Linn. English mercury: a plant with triangular leaves, covered underneath with a whitish unctuous meal; and striated hollow stalks, partly erect, and partly procumbent, bearing on the top spikes of small imperfect flowers, each of which is followed by a small black seed inclosed in the cup. It is perennial, grows by road sides and in waste grounds, and flowers in August.

The leaves of this plant, to the taste mucilaginous and somewhat unpleasantly subsaline, are accounted emollient; and in this intention have been made an ingredient in decoctions for gly-sers. They are applied by the common people to flesh wounds and fores, under the notion of drawing and healing. In some places, the young shoots are eaten in the spring as asparagus, and said to loosen the belly, and promote urine.