Buglossum angustifolium majus C. B. An-chusa officinalis Linn. Bugloss: a rough plant, greatly resembling borage, and differing from it chiefly in the leaves being narrow, less prickly, not wrinkled, and in colour bluish green; and in the segments of the flowers being obtuse. It grows wild, on waste grounds, in the sou-thern parts of Europe, is cultivated with us in gardens, flowers from June to the end of fum-mer, and in winter dies to the ground, the roots abiding.

This plant appears to be nearly similar to borage, in its medicinal qualities as well as in its external form. The principal difference seems to consist, in the leaves being somewhat less juicy, and the roots more mucilaginous. The roots, leaves, and flowers, are ranked among the articles of the materia medica, but are very rarely made use of.