Cardiaca seu Agripalma Pharm. Paris. Marrubium cardiaca dictum C. B. Leonurus Cardiac a Linn. Motherwort: a large plant, with square branched stalks, the leaves set in pairs on long pedicles at the joints, and the flowers in clutters round the upper joints: the leaf is dark coloured, cut deeply into three sharp-pointed indented segments, of which the middle one is longest, and the two lateral ones commonly again deeply cut: the flower is pur-plish, labiated, with the upper lip long and arched, the lower short and cut into three sections. It is biennial, grows wild in watte grounds, and flowers in July.

This plant is said to be useful in disorders of the stomach proceeding from thick phlegm; to loosen the belly; to promote perspiration, urine, and the uterine purgations. Such, in effect, are the virtues, which may be expected from its sensible qualities. The leaves and the tops have a moderately strong smell, not very agreeable; and a very bitter taste. In keeping for some time, or on boiling them in water, their smell is dissipated: the decoction, infpif-fated to the consistence of an extract, discovers to the taste a strong penetrating subsaline bit-terness.