Elichrysum five Staechas citrina Pharm, Paris, Elichryfum Jive stoechas citrina angustifolia C. B. Gnaphalium Stcechas Linn. Goldilocks: a small, shrubby, downy plant; clothed with long, very narrow leaves: producing, on the tops of the branches, several small round heads of bright yellow scaly flowers. It is a native of the southern parts of France, flowers in our gardens in May and June, and holds its leaves all the winter.

The flowers or scaly heads of this plant, naturally dry and firm, retain their figure and glossy yellow colour for years. Both the flowers and leaves, rubbed a little, yield an agreeable and moderately strong smell: to the taste they discover a considerable warmth, pungency, and bitterishness: from whence it may be presumed, that the aperient and corroborant virtues, commonly ascribed to them, are not wholly without-foundation.

Ung. Elemi

Ph. Lond.