Senecio minor vulgaris C. B. Senecio vulgaris Linn. Groundsel: a low, branched plant, with oblong narrow leaves, deeply cut into wing-like sections, joined to the stalk by broad bases: on the tops grow numerous yellow flowers, of the naked discous kind, set in large cups, and followed by small seeds winged with down. It is a common annual weed in dry grounds.

The leaves of groundsel have an herbaceous somewhat saline taste, and no remarkable smell. They stand recommended, externally, as a vulnerary and refrigerant, internally as a mild and safe emetic. The expressed juice, or an infusion or decoction of the herb, are by several writers directed in this last intention, but neither of them appear to have any cortsiderable effect: perhaps those, who ascribe to them an emetic power, were imposed on by giving such large doles, as to nauseate the stomach by the quantity of fluid.