Eryngium Pharm. Lond. Eryngium ma-ritimum C. B. & Linn, Eryngo or Sea holly: a bluish, branched, umbelliferous plant, with mallow-like, thick, prickly leaves, angular or jagged about the edges: the flowers are white and set in prickly heads, under which a number of little oblong leaves stand in form of a star: the ro6ts are slender, very long, with a few knots, brownish on the outside, and white within. It is perennial, grows plentifully on some of our sandy and gravelly shores, and flowers in July.

Eryngo roots have an agreeable sweetifh taste, which on chewing them for some time is followed by a light aromatic warmth and pungency. They are accounted aperient, diuretic, and aphrodisiac: Boerhaave says they are the principal of the aperient diuretic roots, and that he con-stantly made them an ingredient in his prescrip-tions against scurvies: their virtues, however, appear to be but weak, and they are now scarcely otherwise used than as made into a sweetmeat.