Flammula Jovis Staerck, Pharm. Edinb. Flammula recta C. B. Clematis recta Linn, Upright Virgin's Bower: this species of clematis, distinguished by its pinnated oval leaves, and erect stalk, grows wild in thickets, in the southern parts of France and Germany. Its leaves and flowers are extremely acrid; the former, when fresh, railing blisters on the part to which they are applied.

The flammula jovis is one of the new medicines introduced by Dr. Staerck. He has pub-lished several cases of its efficacy in cancerous, venereal, and other malignant ulcers, obstinate pains of the head and bones, inveterate itch, and other diseases proceeding from peculiar acrimony. It was used internally, in infusion of the flowers or leaves, and extract of the plant; and the powder was sprinkled on the ulcers ex-ternally, where it was found to act as a most excellent escharotic and detergent. The medicine is said to have proved diuretic to some patients, and sudorific to others, but rarely to have moved the belly. Small doses, of only half a grain of the extract, and half a dram of the dried leaves in infusion, were at first exhibited, which were gradually increased.