Gramen Caninum arvenge feu gramen dioscoridis C. B. 'Triticum repens Linn. Dogs grass, Couch: a creeping grass, of a whitish green colour, with knotty stalks, bearing a spike of imperfect flowers somewhat resembling a wheat ear: the roots are whitish. or pale yellowish, long, slender, jointed at distances, variously bent and interwoven. It is a perennial weed.

The roots of this plant, to the taste agreeably sweetish, are recommended as mild aperients in obstructions of the viscera. Boerhaave directs the cxpressed juice to be taken, in this intention, to the quantity of some pints a day; and ob-serves, that cattle are generally found to have indurated livers in the winter, but that from fresh grass in the spring a diarrhoea ensues, and the obstruction is resolved.