Hepatica Trifolia five herba trinitatis Pharm. Paris. Trifolium hepaticum flore simplici C. B. Anemone Hepatica Linn. Hepatica, Herb-trinity: a low plant, without any other stalk than the pedicles of the leaves and flowers: the leaf is cut, not very deep, into three lobes, entire about the edges: the flower is commonly blue, sometimes reddish or white, hexapetalous, set in a three-leaved cup, with numerous (lamina in the middle, which are followed by a cluster of whitish seeds. It is perennial, grows wild on gravelly shady grounds in Germany and other parts of Europe, and flowers in our gardens in March or sooner.

This herb is a mild restringent and corroborant; in which intentions, infusions of it have been drank as tea, or the powder of the dry leaves given to the quantity of half a spoonful at a time. Its astringent matter is dissolved equally by water and spirit; and on infpiffating the siltered tinctures, remains entire in the extracts: it is found however, even when thus concentrated, to be still but weak. The watery extract: is larger in quantity, and proportionably weaker in taste, than the spirituous.