Lichen petrous latifolius five hepatica fontana C. B. Hepatica terrestris vulgaris feu lichen officinarum Raii hist. i. 124. Jecoraria. Mar-chantia polymorpha Linn. Liver-wort: a spe-cies of most consisting of numerous obtusely laciniated leaves, lying over one another, marked on the surface with white tubercles reticularly disposed through the green substance of the leas shooting out underneath fine capillary roots: from the extremities of the leaves issue clear whitish pedicles, bearing globular bodies, which when ripe contain black minute seeds like dud. It is perennial, grows on moist stony places, and runs up to seed in March or April.

Tina, helle-bori nigri Ph. Lond.- melam-podii five helleb. nigri Ph Ed.

This moss is recommended as an aperient, resolvent, and purifier of the blood. From the penetrating though mild pungency and bitter-ishnefs of its taste, finking as it were into the tongue, it promises to be a plant of no incon-siderable virtue, though in this country at pre-sent disregarded. It gives out its active matter both to watery and spirituous menstrua.