Jujubae Pharm. Paris. Jujubae majores oblongae C. B. Zizyphus Dod. Rhamnus Zizy-phus Linn. Jujubes: a half-dried fruit of the plum kind, about the size and shape of an olive: confiding of a pretty thick reddish, yellow skin, a whitish. fungous pulp, and a wrinkled stone pointed at both ends: the produce of a prickly tree, with three-ribbed leaves, and herbaceous or. yellowish flowers, sometimes found wild, and commonly cultivated in the southern parts of Europe.

This fruit, when in perfection, has an agreeable sweet taste; and in those countries where it is common, makes an article of food in its recent state, and of medicine when half dried'; decoctions of it being used, like other glutinous sweets, as incrassants, and demulcents in de-fluxions on the bread. Among us, it has long stood neglected, and is now become a stranger to the shops; the tree not producing fruit in this climate; and that, which we received from abroad, being commonly mouldy or carious.

Another fruit of the same kind, of a dark blackish hue, furnished with an ash-coloured cup at the bottom, from which it easily parts, is sometimes brought from the eastern countries under the names of febesten, myxa, or myxaria. It is produced by the Cordia Myxa of Linnaeus. It is more glutinous than the jujube; to which it has been commonly joined in pectoral decoctions; and along with which it is now discarded by the colleges both of London and Edinburgh.