Lamium Album Linn. Lamium album non saetens folio oblongo C. B. Galeopsis & arch-angelica, & urtica mortua five alba quibusdam. White archangel or Dead nettle: a plant with square stalks; oblong indented acuminated leaves, like those of the dinging nettle, set in pairs at the joints; and clusters, in the bosoms of the leaves, of white labiated flowers, whose upper lip is entire, arched, and hairy, the lower lip cloven. It is perennial, common in hedges and about the borders of sields, and found in flower from April to near the end of dimmer.

Infusions of this plant, drank as tea, are said to be beneficial in uterine hemorrhagies and the sluor albus: the flowers are supposed to be more efficacious than the leaves, and hence those only are directed by the college of London. The sensible qualities, either of the one or the other, afford little foundation to expect from them any considerable virtues. The flowers have only a slight mucilaginous sweetish-ness, without any remarkable smell or flavour: the leaves have a weak not unpleasant smell, and a small degree of roughness,. which may entitle them to a place among the milder corroborants.