Ol. ftillat. cort. limon. Ph. Ed.

Effentia li-monum Ph.. Lond.

Syrup. e fuc co limonum † Ph. Lond. ‡ Ph. Ed.

Succus spif-fat. limon. Ph. Lond.


Linaria vulgaris lutea flore majore C. B. Osyris, linaria, five urinaria Lobel. Antirrhinum linaria Linn. Toadflax: a plant with smooth round bluish stalks, and numerous, oblong, narrow, pointed leaves; greatly resembling the esula minor or pine spurge, so as scarcely to be otherwife distinguishable, before flowering, than by its wanting the milky juice with which the efula abounds: on the tops of the stalks and branches appear spikes of yellow, irregular, monopetalous, gaping flowers, with a long tail behind, followed by roundish bicapsular seed-vessels: it is perennial, grows wild about the sides of dry fields, and flowers in June and the leaves of this herb have a bitterish somewhat saline taste: and when rubbed betwixt the fingers, yield a faint smell, resembling that of elder. Taken internally, they are said to be powerfully resolvent, diuretic, and purgative: their principal use, however, has been external, in unguents and cataplasms, for painful swellings of the hemorrhoidal vessels; against which they have been said to be particularly essectual.