Linum Catharticum Linn. Linum pratense floribus ex ignis C. B. Chamaelinum. Purging flax or Mill-mountain: a small plant, with little oblong smooth leaves, having one vein or rib running along the middle, joined in pairs close to the stalks, which are round, slender, reddish, divided towards the upper part into fine branches, bearing on the tops white pentapetalous uncut flowers, followed each, as in the common flax, by a roundish, ribbed, acuminated capsule, containing ten slattish slippery seeds in as many cells. It is annual, and grows wild on chalky hills, and in dry pasture grounds.

This herb is said to be an effectual and safe cathartic: an infusion of an handful of the fresh leaves in whey or white wine, or a dram of the leaves in substance with a little cream of tartar and aniseeds, are directed for a dose. Linnaeus recommends an infusion of two drams of the dry leaves as a mild laxative. Their taste is bitterish and disagreeable.