Lithospermum Majus erectum C. B. Miliumfolis. Lithospermum officinale Linn. Grom-well: a rough plant, with stiff branched stalks, oblong acuminated leaves set alternately without pedicles; and whitish monopetalous flowers, scarcely longer than the cup, divided into five obtuse sections, followed by little roundish, hard, pearl-like seeds inclosed in the cup. It is perennial, grows wild in dry fields and by road-sides, and flowers in May and June.

The seeds of gromwell have been accounted notably diuretic; and recommended for clean-sinf the kidneys and urinary passages from viscid mucous matters, and promoting the expulsion of gravel. Their virtues do not appear to be very considerable; they have no smell, and their taste is little other than farinaceous. They have long been discarded from practice.