Lujula Pharm. Lond. Trifolium acetofum vulgare C. B. Oxys alba Gerard. Alleluja, oxytripbylluni, & panis cuculi quorundam. Oxa-lis Acetosella Linn. Wood sorrel: a plant, with the leaves and flowers issuing on separate pedicles from the root: the leaves are broad, shaped somewhat like a heart, and stand three together: the flowers are solitary, whitish, mo-nopetalous, divided deeply into five segments, followed by angular capsules, which burst on being touched, and shed numerous small brownish seeds. It is perennial, grows wild in woods, and flowers in April.

The leaves of the wood sorrel are useful saline antiseptics and antiphlogiftics; similar, both in taste and in medicinal virtue, to those of the acetosae or common sorrels, but somewhat more acid, and rather more grateful both to the palate and stomach. Beaten with thrice their weight of fine sugar, they form a grateful fubacid conserve. Their expressed juice, depurated, is a very agreeable acid: duly in-fpiffated, and fet to fhoot, it yields a cryftalline acid salt of the same nature with that of the sorrels: the saline matter seems to amount to nearly one hundredth part of the weight of the fresh leaves.

Conserva lujulae Ph. Lond