Marrubium Pharm. Edinb. Marrubium album Pharm. Lond. & C. B. Marrubium vulgare Linn. White Horehound: a hoary plant, with fquare stalks, and roundish wrinkled indented leaves, set in pairs on long pedicles; in the bosoms of which come forth thick clusters of whitish labiated flowers, in striated cups, whose divisions terminate in sharp points or prickles. It is perennial, grows wild in uncultivated grounds, and flowers in June.

The leaves of horehound have a moderately strong smell, of the aromatic kind, but not agreeable, which by drying is improved, and in keeping for some months is in great part dissipated: their taste is very bitter, penetrating, diffusive, and durable in the mouth. From these qualities, and their sensible operation, when taken in any considerable doses, of loosen-ing the body, it may be presumed that this herb is a medicine of some efficacy, and has no ill claim to the corroborant and aperient virtues, for which it is recommended, in humoural asthmas, and in menstrual suppressions, cachexies, and other chronical disorders proceeding from a viscidity of the fluids and obstruc-tions of the viscera: a dram of the dry leaves in powder, or two or three ounces of the ex-pressed juice, or an infusion of half a handful or a handful of the fresh leaves, are commonly directed for a dose. The dry herb gives out its virtue both to watery and spirituous men-strua, tinging the former of a brownish, the latter of a green colour: on infpiffating the watery infusion, the smell of the horehound wholly exhales, and the remaining extract proves a strong and almost flavourless bitter: rectified spirit carries off likewise greatest part of the flavour of the herb, leaving an extract in less quantity than that obtained by water, and of a more penetrating bitterness.

* The juices of horehound and plantain mixed are a remedy of great repute in America against the bite of the rattle-snake. They are admini-stered by spoonfuls at short intervals; while at the same time the wounded part is covered with a cataplasm of the same herbs bruised. The good effects are said to be speedy, and the recovery of the patient complete and certain.