Nummularis Pharm. Parif. Nummu-laria major lutea C. B. Hirundinaria. Centi-morbia. Lyfimachia Nummularia Linn Money-wort: a low creeping plant, with square stalks, and smooth little roundish or heart-shaped leaves set in pairs at the joints upon short pedicles: in their bosoms appear yellow solitary monopetalous flowers, each divided into five oval segments, and followed by a small round capsule full of minute seeds. It is perennial, grows wild in moist pasture grounds, and flowers from May to near the end of summer.

This herb is accounted reftringent, antif-corbutic, and vulnerary. Boerhaave looks upon it as similar to a mixture of fcurvygrafs with sorrel: it appears indeed to have some degree both of pungency and acidity, but it is far weaker than those herbs, or than any mixture of the two.