Anonis fpinofa flore purpureo C. B. Refta levis. Arefta bovis. Remora aratri. Ononis fpinofa. Linn, Rest-harrow: a plant with flexible branches terminating in sharp prickles; small oval indented leaves, (landing generally three together, without pedicles; and purplish papilionaceous flowers, set in pairs, followed each by a short pod containing three unequal kidney-shaped seeds. It is perennial, grows wild in waste grounds and dry fields, and with its long tough spreading roots obstructs the plough or harrow.

The roots of rest-harrow have a faint unplea-sant smell, and a sweetish, bitterish, somewhat nauseous taste. Their active matter is confined to the cortical part; which has been sometimes given in powder, in doses of a dram, and made an ingredient in apozems or decoctions, as an aperient and diuretic. Its virtue is extracted both by water and spirit.