Parietaria Pharm. Lond. & Edinb. Parietaria officinarum & diofcoridis C. B. Pa-rietaria officinalis Linn. Pellitory of the wall: a plant with tender reddish stalks; rough, uncut, oblong leaves, pointed at both ends; and imperfect rough flowers, growing in clusters along the stalks, followed each by a small shining seed. It is perennial, common on old walls and among rubbish, and flowers in May.

The leaves of pellitory of the wall have been used in cataplasms for discussing inflammatory swellings: decoctions of them, and their ex-pressed juice, have been given as emollient diuretics in nephritic cases and ischuries, and are said, when long persisted in, to be useful aperients or sweeteners in cutaneous defedations. The plant appears to be of no great activity, being rather oleraceous than medicinal: to the taste, the leaves in substance and their juice, are little other than herbaceous and watery.