Peucedanum germanicum C. B. Pina-ftellum, foeniculum porcinum, foeniculum silvestre, marahtrum silvestre, marathrophyllum, & cauda porcina quibifdam. Peucedanum officinale Linn. Hogs fennel, Horestrong, Sulphurwort: an umbelliferous plant, with large leaves divided and Subdivided tripartitely into fine oblong narrow segments: the seed is somewhat oval, flattish, marked with three striae, and surround-ed with a leafy margin: the root long and thick, with a tuft of filaments on the top, blackish on the outside and pale coloured within. It is perennial, grows wild by the sea shores and in moist shady grounds, and flowers in July.

The roots of sulphurwort have a strong fetid smell, somewhat resembling that of sulphureous solutions; and an unctuous, fubacrid, bitterish taste. Wounded when fresh, in the spring or autumn, particularly in the former season, in which they are most vigorous, they yield a con-siderable quantity of yellow juice, which soon dries into a solid gummy-resin, retaining the taste and the strong smell of the root. This gummy-resin stands recommended as an aperient, and antihysteric.