Prunella five Brunella. Prunella major folio non diffecto C. B. Confolida minor. Symphi-tum minus. Prunella vulgaris Linn. Self-heal: a small plant; with square stalks; oval uncut leaves set in pairs on pedicles; and short thick spikes of purplish labiated flowers. It is perennial, grows wild in pasture grounds, and flowers in June and July.

This herb is recommended as a mild restrin-gent and vulnerary, in spittings of blood, and other hemorrhagies and fluxes: and in garga-risms against aphthae and inflammations of the fauces. Its virtues do not appear to be very great: to the taste it discovers a very slight au-sterity or bitterishness; which is more sensible in the flowery tops than in the leaves; though the latter are generally directed for medicinal use.