Ptarmica, Pseudopyrethrum Pyrethrum silvestre, Draco silvestris, Tarchon silvestris, Sternu-tamentoria: Dracunculus pratensis serrato folio C. B. Achillea Ptarmica Linn, Sneezewort or Bastard pellitory: a plant with long narrow leaves finely serrated about the edges, and radiated discous white flowers set in form of umbels on the tops of the branches. It is perennial, grows wild on heaths and in moist shady grounds, and is found in flower from June to the end of summer.

The roots of this plant have a hot biting taste, approaching to that of pyrethrum, with which they nearly agree also in their pharmaceutic properties, and to which they have been sometimes substituted in the shops. They are by some recommended internally as a warm stimulant and atteauant; but their principal use is as a masti-catory and sternutatory.