Saxifraga vulgaris five anglica, Hippo-marathrum anglicum, Fceniculum erraticum: Sefeli pratenfe, silaus forte plinio C. B. Angelica pra-tenfis apii folio Tourn. Peucedanum Silaus Linn. English or Meadow saxifrage: an umbelliferous plant, with winged leaves subdivided into oblong narrow sharp-pointed segments: the flowers are of a yellowish white colour, the umbel naked, but its subdivisions have several little leaves at their origin; the seeds are short, brownish or reddish, plano-convex, with three deep furrows so as to appear winged: the root is long, about the thickness of the finger, brownish or blackish on the outside, and white within. It is perennial, common in meadows and pasture grounds, and flowers in June.

The roots, leaves, and seeds of this plant have been commended as aperients, diuretics, and carminatives; and appear, from their aromatic smell, and moderately warm pungent bitterish taste, to .have a better claim to these virtues than the preceding faxifrage. They are rarely or never used.