Seseli Massiliense - funiculi folio C. B. Foeniculum tortuojum J. B. Sefeli tortuofum Linn. Hartwort of Marseilles: a large spreading branched umbelliferous plant; with the stalk and branches firm, woody, knotty, and vari-ously bent; the leaves finely divided, like those of fennel, but somewhat thicker, shorter, stiffer, and more distant from one another; the seeds also in shape like those of fennel, and of a pale grey colour. It is perennial, and a native of the southern parts of Europe, from whence the seeds are sometimes brought to us.

The seeds of this plant have an agreeable aromatic smell, and a very warm biting taste: they are more pungent than those of the foregoing sefeli, but want their sweetness.