Seseligusticum quod seseli officinarum C B. Lqferpitium Siler Linn. Hart wort or Ser-mountain: a tall umbelliferous plant, with large leaves, composed of oblong pointed sections set in pairs or three together: the entire umbel, and its subdivifions, have a circle of little leaves at their origin: the seeds are large, of a pale brown colour, oblong, flat on one side, convex and striated on the other, and edged with a leafy margin: the root is large, thick, and branched. It is perennial, grows wild in dome of the southern parts of Europe, is raised with us in gardens, and flowers in June.

†Tinctura serpentariae Ph. Lond.

‡Ph. Ed.

Both the seeds of this plant, which are the part directed in our pharmacopoeias, and the roots, appear to be useful aromatics, though not regarded in practice; of an agreeable smell, and a warm glowing sweetish taste. The roots have the greatest warmth and pungency: the seeds, the greatest sweetness and the most plea-sant flavour. A spirituous extract of the seeds is a very elegant aromatic sweet.