Sumach five Rhus obsoniorum. Rhus folio ulmi C B. Rhus coriaria Linn. Sumach: a shrub or low tree; with oval, pointed, serrated, downy leaves, having each a red rib running along the middle, set in pairs without pedicles; producing clutters of small yellowish or greenish flowers, each of which is followed by a small, red, flattish berry, including a roundish reddish-brown seed. It is a native of the southern parts of Europe, and cultivated in some of our gardens.

The berries of sumach have an acid austere talte: they were formerly used for restraining bilious fluxes, and hemorrhagies, and colliquative hectic sweats: some direct an infusion of half an ounce of the berries, and others two or three drams of an extract made from them by water, for a dose. The leaves and young twigs are strong astringents, and have been directed in the same intentions.