Tormentilla Pharm. Lond. & Edinb. Tormentilla sylveftris C B. Heptaphyllum. Tor-mentilla erecta Linn. Tormentil or Septfoil: a plant with slender, weak, upright stalks; oblong leaves, indented towards the extremity, and converging from the indented part to their juncture with the stalk, standing generally seven at a joint; and small yellow tetrapetalqus flowers on the tops of the branches, followed by naked seeds; the root is generally crooked and knotty, of a dark brown or blackish colour on the outside, and reddish within. It is perennial, grows wild in woods and on commons, and flowers in June.

Tormentil root is a strong. and almost flavourless astringent, and gives out its astrin-gency both to water and rectified spirit, mod perfectly to the latter: the watery decoction, of a transparent brownish red colour whilst hot, becomes turbid in cooling like that of the Peruvian bark, and deposites a portion of resinous matter: the spirituous tincture, of a brighter reddish colour, retains its pellucidity. The extracts, obtained by infphTation, are intensely styptic, the spirituous most so. It is generally given in decoction: an ounce and a half of the powdered root may be boiled in three pints of water to a quart, adding, towards the end of the boiling, a dram of cinnamon; of the strained liquor, sweetened with an ounce of any agreeable syrup, two ounces or more may be taken four or five times a day.