Tussilago Pharm. Loud. & Edinb. Tus-filago vulgaris C B. Farfara Bechium & ungu-la caballina quibufdam. Tussilaga Farfara Linn. Coltsfoot: a low plant, producing early in the spring single stalks, each of which bears a yellow flofculous flower followed by several seeds winged with down: the leaves which succeed the flowers, are short, broad, somewhat angular, slightly indented, green above, and hoary underneath. It is perennial, and grows wild in most grounds.

The leaves and flowers of coltsfoot, in taste somewhat mucilaginous, bitterish, and roughish, and of no remarkable smell, are ranked among the principal pectoral herbs. Infusionsos them, with a little liquorice or with the other herbs of similar intention, are drank as tea, and some-times with considerable benefit, in catarrhous disorders and coughs threatning consumptions. They have been found serviceable in hectics and colliquative diarrhceas (a).