Vanilla feu Banilia Pharm. Paris. Aracus aromaticus, Vanelloe: the fruit of a climbing plant (volubilis filiquofa mexicana foliis plantaginis Rati hift. Epidendrum Vanilla Linn.) growing in the Spanish Weft Indies. It is a long flattish pod, containing, under a wrinkled brittle shell, a reddish brown pulp, with small shining black seeds.

Vanelloes have an unctuous aromatic taste, and a fragrant smell like that of some of the finer balsams heightened with musk. They are used chiefly in perfumes; scarcely ever, among us at least, in any medical intention; though they should seem to deserve a place among the principal medicines of the nervous class. By distillation, they impregnate water strongly with their fragrance, but give over little or nothing with pure spirit: by digestion, spirit totally extracts their smell and taste, and in great measure covers or suppresses the smell.