Verbascum Pharm. Edinb. Verbascum mas latifolium luteum C. B. Tapsus barbatus Candelaria & lanaria quibusdam. Verbascum Thapsus Linn. Mullein: a large plant, all over white and woolly; with a single woody stalk, clothed with oblong oval leaves joined to it without pedicles, bearing on the top a long spike of large yellow monopetalous flowers cut into five segments, and followed by conical seed-vessels. It is biennial, grows wild by road-sides, and flowers in July.

The leaves of mullein, recommended as mild astringents, have a roughish drying kind of taste, and very little smell. The flowers have, also a slight roughishness, with a considerable sweetness. A decoction of the leaves has lately been used with some success in diarrhoeas (a).