For Sale By William Radde, 300 Broadway, New-York,

Between Duane and Reade-sts., (late No. 322 Broadway,)

Publisher Of Homceopathic Books And Sole Agent For The Leipzig Central Homceopathic Pharmacy.

Homoeopathic Medicines. Wm. Radde, 300 Broadway, New-York, respectfully informs the Homoeopathic Physicians and the friends of the System, that he is the sole Agent for the Leipzig Central Homoeopathic Pharmacy, and that he has always on hand a good assortment of the best Homoeopathic Medicines, in complete sets or by single vials, in Tinctures, Dilutions, and Triturations; also Pocket Cases of Medicines; Physicians' and Family Medicine Chests to Laurie's Domestic (60 to 82 Remedies). - Epp's (60 Remedies). - Bering's (60 to 102 Remedies). - Small Pocket Cases at $3. with Family Guide and 27 Remedies. - Cases containing 415 Vials, with Tinctures and Triturations for Phy sicians,- Cases with 268 Vials of Tinctures and Triturations to Jahr's New Manual, or Symptomen-Codex.- Physicians' Pocket Cases with 60 Vials of Tinctures and Triturations.-Cases from 200 to 300 Vials, with low and high dilutions of medicated pellets. - Cases from 50 to 80 Vials of low and high dilutions, etc. <fec. Homoeopathic Chocolate. Refined Sugar of Milk, pure Globules, etc. Arnica Tincture, the best specific remedy for bruises, sprains, wounds, etc. Arnica Plaster, the best application for Corns. Arnica salve, Urtica urens, tincture and salve, and Dr. Reisig's Homoeopathic Pain Extractor are the best specific remedies for Burns. Canchilagua, a Specific in Fever and Ague. Also Books, Pamphlets and Standard Works on the System in the English. French. Spanish and German Lannuages.

Catalogue Homoeopathic Books 7

Physicians ordering meadicines with please mark alter each one us strengtn and preparation as: moth, tinct. for mother tincture L. trit or 3. trit. for first or third trituration. 6 in liq. or 30 in liq. for sixth or thirtieth attenuation in liquid. 3. in glob, or 30 in glob, for third or thirtieth attenuation in globules.

Hartmann. Dr. F., Diseases of Children and their Homoeopathic Treatment. Translated, with notes, and prepared for the use of the American and English Profession, by Charles J. Hempel, M D. 1S53. Bound, $2. 00.

Jahr, Dr. G. H. G., The Homoeopathic Treatment on the diseases of females. Translated from the French by Charles J. Hempel, M.D. large 8 vo.

1856. 422 Pages. Bound, $2. 00 Becker, Dr. A. C., On Constipation. Translated from the German,

Bound, 38 cts. Becker, Dr. A. C, On Consumption. Translated from the German,

Bound 38 cts. Becker, Dr. A. C, On Dentition. Translated from the German, Bound,

38 cts. Becker, Dr. A. C. On Diseases of the Eye. Translated from the German,

Bound, 38 cts.

Catalogue Homoeopathic Books 8

The above tour works by Dr. A. v. Becker, can be have bound in one volume, at 81.

Bryant, Dr. J., A Pocket Manual or Repertory of Homoeopathic Medicines alphabetically and nosologicall yarranged; which may be used as the physician's Vade-Mecum, the traveller's Medical Companion, or the Family Physician: containing the principal remedies for the most important diseases, symptoms, sensations, characteristics of diseases, etc.; with the principal pathogenetic effects of the medicines on the most important organs and functions of the body; together with diagnosis, explanation of technical terms, directions for the selection and exhibition of remedies, rules of diet, &o., Ac. Compiled from the best homoeopathic authorities. Bound, $1. 25.

Caspari's Homoeopathic Domestic Physician, edited by F. Hartrnann, M.D., " Author of the Acute and Chronic Diseases." Translated from the eighth German edition, and enriched by a Treatise on Anatomy and Physiology, embellished with 30 illustrations, by W. Esrey, M.D. With additions and a preface by C. Hering, M.D. Containing also a Chapter on Mesmerism and Magnetism; directions for patients living some distance from a homoeopathic physician, to describe their symtoms; a Tabular Index of the medicines and the diseases in which they are used; and a Sketch of the Biography of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the Founder of Homoeopathy. Bound 81. 25.

Chepmell, Dr. E. C, Domestic Homoeopathy restricted to its legitimate sphere of practice, together with rules for diet and regimen. First American edition, with additions and improvements by Samuel B. Barlow, M.D., Bound, 50cts.

Curtis, J. T., M.D)., and J. Lillie, M.D., Epitome of Homoeopathic Prac ice. Compiled chiefly from Jahr, Rickert, Beauvais, Baeninghausen, etc. Second enlarged edition. Bound, 75 cts.

Douglas, Dr. J. S., Homoeopathic Treatment of Intermittent Fevers. 1853. 38 cts.

Dudgeon's Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Homoeopathy. Delivered at the Hahnemann Hospital School of Homoeopathy, by R. . Dudgeon, M.D Manchester, 1854. Bound, (565 pages), $2. 50.

Collmann, Wm., M.D., The Homoeopathic Guide, in all Diseases of the Urinary and Sexual Organs, including the derangements caused by Onanism and Sexual Excesses; and accompanied by an Appendix on the use of Electro-Magnetism in the Treatment of these diseases. Translated with Additions by Ch. J Hempel. 1835. Bound, 81. 50.

Guernsey, Dr. Egbert, The Gentleman's Hand-Book of Homoeopathy; especially for travellers, and for Domestic Practice. 1855. Bound, 75 cts.

Hahnemann, Dr. Samuel, The lesser Writings of, collected and translated by R E. Dudgeon, M.D. With a Preface and Notes by E. E. Marcy, M D , With a beautiful steel engraving of Hahnemann, from the Statue by.Stein-haeuser. Bound, one large volume (784 pages). 83 00

Catalogue Homoeopathic Books 9

This valuable work contains a large number of Essays of great interest to lny-men as well as medical men, upondiet. the prevention of diseases, ventilation of dwellings, etc. As many of these papers were written before the discovery of the Homoeopathic theory of cure, the reader will be enabled to peruse in this volume the ideas of a gigantic intellect when directed to subjects of general and practical interest "The Lesser Writings must be read by every student of Homoeopathy who wishes to become acquainted with the Master-mind." R. E. Dudgeon, M.D. Hahnemann, Dr. Samuel, Materia Medica Pura. Translated by C. J. Hem-pel, M.D. 4 vols. Bound, $6 00. Hahnemann, Dr. Samuel, The Chronic Diseases, their Specific Nature and Homoeopathic Treatment. Translated and edited by C J. Hempel, M D., with a Preface by C. Hering, M.D, 5 vols Bound, 87. 00. Hahnemann, Dr. Samuel, Organon of Homoeopathic Medicine, third American edition, with Improvements and additions, from the last German edition, and Dr. C Hering's introductory remarks. Bound, 84. 00.