Rapid emaciation. Bruised sensation of the limbs. Hooping cough. Epileptic paroxysms, with subsequent sleep and discharge of blood.


Chilliness and shuddering. Intermittent fever; night-sweats; fever with headache and spasmodic cough.


Dizziness in the open air. Headache on stooping; beating and hammering in the forehead.

Eyes And Ears

Weakness of the eyes with the appearance of gauze and of vibrations before them. Inflammation of the ear.

Larynx And Chest

Tickling sensation of the throat, producing a hacking cough. Pain in the stomach and region of the liver. Nightly cough; cough with vomiting; cough with expectoration of blood; chronic catarrh; hacking cough; dry spasmodic cough with gagging; hooping cough, sometimes with haemorrhage from the mouth and nose; wheezing breathing, and suffocation.