This is an invaluable remedy in affections from the abuse of Mercury. Syphilitic and sycotic, and also in rheumatic difficulties. There are lacerating and drawing pain in the whole body, and in the bones, easily taking cold, emaciation; pains are usually worse towards evening.


Congestion of blood to the head; heaviness and dullness of the head; lacerating and shooting pain in the head; pain as if the head were surrounded by a tight bandage.


Inflammation of the eyes, from abuse of Mercury or from syphilis; swelling and ulceration of the lids; dimness or loss of sight.


Glandular swellings behind the ears, and ulcerations in the ears; soreness and scurf in the nostrils; yellow fetid discharge from the nose, coryza and swelling of the nose, dry cough and headache.


Pain in the bones of the face. Neuralgic pain in the face; lips are chapped and ulcerated; pain and swelling of the submaxillary glands.

Mouth And Throat

Pain in the teeth, in the evening or when chewing; sometimes with the sensation as if they were spongy or elongated; bleeding of the gums; salivation; sore throat, ulcers of the mouth and throat, especially from abuse of Mercury, with stinging pain, and sensation on swallowing, as if the throat were raw and ulcerated.


Constipation and difficult stool; bloody dysenteric stool with tenesmus, fever, and headache. Itching and burning of the anus.

Genital Organs

Ulcers on the penis. Leucorrhoea, greenish, fetid or flesh-colored.

Larynx And Chest

Barking cough, especially in the evening; ulcerative phthisis, cough with purulent or bloody expectoration; palpitation of the heart, and want of breath after the slightest exercise.

Arms And Legs

Copper-colored eruption; swelling and inflammation of the axillary glands; pain in the bones.