Bilious affections. Derangement of the stomach and bowels. Paralytic or spasmodic affection; affections from the abuse of ardent spirits, sedentary habits and various forms of dissipation, derangement during pregnancy, and complaints arising from chagrin or anger.


Great drowsiness after a meal and in the day-time; light sleep with starting and frequent waking; anxious and frightful dreams.


Muttering delirium; illusions of fancy and frightful visions; stupefaction and loss of consciousness, confusion and dizzy sensation as from intoxication. Apoplexy with soporous condition and paralysis of the limbs. Headache from taking wine or coffee, when coughing or stooping, aggravated by mental exertion. Headache from constipation and sedentary habits. Headache with nausea and vomiting. Hemicrania as if a nail were pressing in the brain. Congestion of blood to the head, with pain in the forehead and dizziness.


Dry coryza of infants; stoppage of the nose, particularly of one side.

Mouth And Throat

Constant toothache in the open air, aggravated by fatiguing the head, toothache brought on by cold water. Putrid and painful swelling and bleeding of the gums; fetid smell from the mouth; difficult speech; inflammatory swelling, aphthae, and fetid ulcers in the mouth and fauces; swelling of the uvula; bitter taste in the mouth.


Frequent hiccough and belching of wind, sour or bitter eructations; nausea or vomiting early in the morning or after a meal. Vomiting during pregnancy. Pressure in the stomach as from a stone, the exterior painful to the touch; fullness in the stomach, especially after a meal. Cramplike pains in the stomach. Swelling and throbbing pain in the region of the liver.


Colic during pregnancy. Colic during cold, as if diarrhoea would set in, from suppression of the haemorrhoidal flux. Periodical colic. Hysteric spasm. Contractive colic with griping and clutching sensation. Flatulent colic.


Constipation sometimes with pain in the head, frequent urging to stool, with tenesmus and cutting pain in the bowels; small mucous stools with urging and tenesmus. Dysenteric or diarrhoeic stools of a bloody, mucous or watery character, accompanied with pain in the bowels. Haemorrhoids with burning and pricking in the rectum.


Ineffectual desire to urinate with a partial or entire paralysis of the neck of the bladder.

Genital Organs

Menses are accompanied with abdominal spasms and labor-like pain; congestion of blood to the uterus.


Constrictive spasms of the larynx. Cough on moving or after a meal, most violent in the morning, dry, fatiguing or spasmodic cough, with pain in the head, and sore pain in the throat as from excoriation.


Asthma. Anxious oppression of the chest, and suffocative fits after midnight; spasms of the chest; congestion of blood to the chest. Rheumatism of the muscles of the chest.

Back And Extremities

Bruised pain in the back and loins; increased by motion, contact or pressure; numbness and paralytic sensation in the limbs and side. Rheumatic and arthritic drawing and shooting pains and stiffness.