This is an important remedy in the first stage of influenza; dry cough, and affections of the chest, also in bilious affections; small-pox. Asphyxia of new-born infants.


Itching suppurative rash. Pustular eruptions on the whole body. Malignant pustules. The pustular stage of varioloid and small-pox; gangrenous ulcers.


Chilliness with flushes of heat; great restlessness, heat, thirst and headache, especially over the eyes. Profuse sweat.


Dizziness. Violent headache; fullness, dullness and stupefaction of the head; stupefying headache with pressure over the eyes.


Nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea; nausea and disposition to vomit. Putrid eructations; ineffectual retching and violent spasmodic vomiting; violent oppression of the stomach.


Lacerating, violent cutting and pinching in the abdomen.


Rattling of mucus; cough and sneezing; dry, hard, whistling and barking cough; suffocative spasmodic cough.


Difficulty of breathing, especially at night. Palpitation of the heart and oppression of the chest.