This homoepathic preventive to small-pox has been the means of saving thousands from the ravages of one of the most loathsome plagues which ever desolated the earth. Formerly whole neighborhoods were depopulated by the small-pox, and its presence was sufficient to cause friends and neighbors to fly in terror from its poisonous breath. But now, protected by the homoeopathic preventive of cow-pox, its presence creates but little terror, as we know that we possess a power to prevent its further progress. The best time to vaccinate is between the third month and the twelfth, although where the smallpox is present in the neighborhood, vaccination may take place at an earlier period. The best time is in the fall, spring or winter, as in the heat of summer the arm is liable to become very sore. Usually no treatment is required, as the pustule pursues a regular course, and at a certain time the scab drops off.

It is of vast importance, that the pus used in vaccination should be taken from the cow, or from a perfectly healthy child. Unless this precaution is adopted, disease may be transmitted through vaccination from one child to another.