There are frequently giddiness, fullness or pain in the head during pregnancy. There is sometimes sensation of weight on the top of the head, or in the back of the neck; palpitation of the heart, and great nervous excitability. The symptoms are generally worse in the morning. The prominent remedies are, Aconite, Nux-v., Belladonna, Opium, Platina, Pulsatilla, and Sulphur.

Aconite is indicated in persons of plethoric habit, and nervous temperament, especially if there is giddiness on rising from a seat as if intoxicated, determination of blood to the head, stupefying pain, redness of the eyes, and intolerance of light.


Congestion to the head; pain in the forehead, over the eyes, and in the top of the head; throbbing in the temples, redness of the eyes, and intolerance of light and noise.


Particularly in persons of a sedentary habit, worse in the morning, and relieved in the open air; giddiness and feeling of confusion in the head, or jerking, tearing, or periodical pains; constipation; acid or bitter taste.

For particular indications of other remedies, consult Headache.


A powder, or three globules, may be taken once in three or four hours; or two drops, or twelve globules, may be mixed with a tumbler of water, and a tablespoonful taken at the same intervals.