Skin moist and cold, pulse weak and rapid, respiration shallow, prostration, subnormal temperature. cyanosis, - pupils dilated, convulsions, coma, collapse.

If death, from cardiac paralysis.


Wash out the stomach with warm water. Emetics should not be used unless absolutely necessary. Keep up the body temperature with dry heat applications. Employ artificial respiration, if necessary. Counteract the depression with strychnine and atropine hypodermatically. Should there be insufficient response to this, give one c. c. of adrenalin or suprarenalin solution (1 to 1,000) intra muscularly. If stimulation must be kept up-, use a sat-urated solution of camphor in olive oil. one c. c. intra muscularly. If stimulation must be kept up, use a sat- be repeated with safety. Strong, hot coffee is good treatment. Absolute quiet is essential.


Any physical exertion.

Sequelae - Haemaglobinuria, jaundice.